One of the many causes for a Check Engine light to illuminate is an air leak within the engine's internal vacuum system. This situation occurs when internal engine vacuum (which is monitored by the engine control unit or DME) has lost pressure in a certain area in its direction of flow. Valve covers, gaskets, exhaust components, vacuum lines, etc. are some examples of possible causes of a leak.

When an air leak occurs, it causes a change in press...ure which will be identified by the engine control unit (DME). Although the vehicle has the ability to identify the approximate area the problem is located at, it does not have the ability to pinpoint the exact location or component.

This opens the door to incorrect diagnosis and costly repairs that may not correct the problem. Many times the wrong component is replaced simply because it is assumed to be the cause of failure. In other words, a guess.

At Bimmer Connection, we don't like to guess. In our experience, a little more time taken to correctly diagnose the problem leads to a better customer experience and a correctly repaired vehicle. Therefore, we use our technical knowledge as well as the proper diagnostic equipment when determining the cause of failure needed for these types of repairs.

So if your check engine light is on, or even if you'd like a second opinion before spending your money on a repair, give us a call and have us properly diagnose your vehicle so you can experience the Bimmer Connection.